Winter is here

Winter is well and truly setting in, here in Tasmania. The mornings are dark, and the grass crunches underfoot. Perfect weather for staying indoors with a warm computer.

Sadly, at the moment, journalism is taking up most of my writing time. It’s not as fun, but it helps pay the bills.

But I have just realised that I have nearly six weeks of leave time owing to me, so I’m planning on taking a week off soon, to go on a writer’s retreat. I’m hunting around, to see if anyone I know has a shack – preferably up in the mountains, and far from wi-fi signals.

But I have been working: Daemon Lover 3 is mostly finished, and Wonderlust 2 is … progressing.

I’ve also almost completed a standalone story: Taken in the Labyrinth  (working title), a minotaur story. I’ve revised and edited everything, but then I realised that an entire chapter needed to be scotched and re-written. In the re-writing, it suddenly became two chapters.

But that should be done in a day or so, then it’s on to formatting and cover design, and done!

Polishing Her Lance: Squireing for a Futa Centaur Dame Book 1 – Alison Osias

A surprisingly touching love story between the human girl and the centaur futanari

A sexy centaur with a surprise package makes for a surprisingly sexy story

Kel has been a fan of jousting champion, the centaur Taria, ever since she was a little girl. Then a chance encounter in the city brings them together. Kel’s suddenly finds her wildest dreams coming true. She not only becomes Taria’s new squire, but also discovers that this centaur lady has a secret – a magnificent horse cock!

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Taming mAlice: Darkest Hearts Book 1 – W. Noir

Like “Leon, the Professional” minus the light-hearted gaiety

Taming mAlice: Darkest Hearts Book 1 – W. Noir

A murderous baby-doll raised in isolation by an assassin, and a cold-blooded hit-man whose only friend is a sadistic serial-killer might not seem to be the stuff of romance, but W. Noir brings this unlikeliest pair together in a darkly steamy story that grips the reader and doesn’t let go.

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The Furry Future – Fred Patten (Ed)

Great writing, and not just for furries

The Furry Future edited by Fred Patten

This one isn’t romance, per se, and especially not erotica. But it is a great collection of SF that you should check out.

Some of the stories do have a romance theme, or at least subplot. The Analogue Cat  is a beautifully tragic romance, while A Bedsheet for a Cape in part explores the ramifications of romantic attraction between humans and intelligent, genetically engineered creatures.

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UNICORN: Horn of Lust – Cecilia Chase

Good writing, but story flags in comparison with the first

UNICORN: Horn of Lust by Cecilia Chase

While on the one hand, I appreciated that the author expands the universe of the first book, and creates actual characters, not just cardboard cutouts that are lined up to be had sex with, overall this installment of the series just seemed to drag. Nonetheless, the writing and characterisation are miles above the standard of most Kindle erotica.

And unicorn sex galore.


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