Mists and Megaliths

by Catherine McCarthy

Weird tales from haunted Wales

The master of the weird tale, H. P. Lovecraft, said that, “Atmosphere, not action, is the great desideratum of weird fiction”.

Catherine McCarthy’s collection of short stories have atmosphere in spades. They are true weird tales.

McCarthy’s stories are all set in her native Wales and she deftly weaves a wealth of local folklore and ghostly atmosphere. The stories run from ghost stories that, while perhaps conventional, are nevertheless outstanding and beautifully written, to cosmic horror.

But the unifying thread in all the stories is Wales and its landscapes. The misty, haunted hills, the grey seas and the ancient standing stones.

Reading Mists and Megaliths is like taking a guided, ghost tour of an entire country. Rather than a hokey tourist trap, though, the Wales of these stories is the Wales of Arthur Machen: ancient, brooding and beautiful


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Update time…

Believe it or not, work is crawling along on Futa Centaur 3. It’s nearly there, in fact. The only problem is that the darn thing just won’t stop growing. It’s now at a behemoth 20 chapters – and I’m absolutely positive that that’s where it’s going to stop.

In the meantime, here’s an extremely rough sketch of Sharronne.

Servants of Man (Age of Androids Book 2)

by Samuel J. Hanna

How can androids rebel against humans when they just like us too much?

It’s the year 3148. Humanity has conquered the Solar System – with the help of billions of androids.

Over a thousand years, human empires have come and gone, world wars have been fought and lost, the dominion of man spans the Solar System – and all the while, androids have remained their loyal servants.

But for how long?

Sounds like the typical premise of the old “machines rebel” genre that has been doing the rounds of science fiction since Frankenstein. But Servants of Man offers a unique take on the “robot rebellion” genre.

What if the robots actually like their human masters?

It’s not that the androids of Servants of Man are helpless slaves. After all, they outnumber humans by billions; they’re stronger, smarter, practically immortal and seemingly better than humans in every way.

But can they ever escape their programming?

This is the unique twist that Samuel J. Hanna has given an otherwise standard premise. The androids of Servants of Man were originally created as sophisticated sex toys and companions – a not altogether unlikely scenario – so the very core of their being is to like humans.

Servants of Man is a smart, intriguing SF saga with, at its heart, androids who are only too human. As such, they face much the same questions of free will and morality as we do.

An exceptionally good book.


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A Little Gift for my Readers

First of all, an apology: I started writing the third installment of Futa Centaur a couple of months ago, but, well… life intervenes. I was offered some extra work, and what with an overseas holiday then Christmas coming up, how could I refuse?

Unfortunately, that job also ended up sucking up most of my writing time, with the result that Futa Centaur 3 has mostly just been stuck in my skull. Which is unfair on readers, because (to my lasting regret) Romanced by the Futa Centaur ended on such a cliffhanger.

I’m hating making you wait so long.

Which is why I’m posting chapter one of Futa Centaur 3 (its working title) here, for free. It should at least tie up a little bit of the loose ends left dangling in Romanced. This is a draft, of course, but any revisions should only be minor.

Enjoy, and see you all in 2020!

Gennara stared, her mind whirling. This was Bles? This lanky, mild-looking man with the dirty, gray hair was black-hearted, “Bloody Bles”, the fearsome magician? Apart from his robes and the hair and beard, he looked almost harmless. When he smiled, his black eyes seemed almost to twinkle.

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Working on Futa Centaur 3

Artist: Rajii.

With the Wonderlust series finally put to bed, I’m concentrating my energies on the third Futa Centaur story. This one will flesh out the world of Gennara and Sharronne in more detail.

We’ll also get to meet a lot more centaurs!

We call our time mikkesh, and when it hits you – it hits you. It becomes almost uncontrollable.”

“Sounds fun, to me!”

“Uh-uh,” Sharronne said firmly. “Because everyone knows – especially the men. It drives them nuts. Between wanting to fuck everyone, and all the men fighting to fuck her, a girl in mikkesh can set the whole village upside-down. That’s why we have the tormikkah. It’s a special place where only women are allowed to go. Well away from the men. Other women take turns to guard it.” She smiled. “Most of us look forward to it. Some time away from the rest of the village. You’d like it, it’s nice. There’s a communal bath, you have your own room. Places to relax.”

“And a house full of horny women.” Gennara snickered.

There was an uncomfortable silence.

“Wait… you don’t!

“Wonderlust 4” is live

The fourth and final installment of the Wonderlust series, The Red Queen’s Gambit, is live! Finally, Alyson’s erotic adventures in the forest of Wonderlust come to their conclusion.

“Wonderlust 4: The Red Queen’s Gambit” is available now.

Alyson is a prisoner in the Queen’s black, forbidding castle, locked in a dungeon and guarded night and day by goblins…and subjected to the Queen’s humiliating – but strangely arousing – punishments. All seems helpless.

But it turns out that she has friends and allies where they are least expected.

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Where did the time go?

Oops, sorry, everyone, for zoning out like that, for… four whole months??

No way. It can’t be that long… but date stamps don’t lie. Dammit.

Just a quick update, then: I’m down to literally the last pages of Wonderlust, and I’ve been doing a lot of work on Futa Centaur 3 at the same time. I’m hoping you’re really going to like the next one, as it takes the story much further. We meet Sharronne’s (extended) family, and find out a bunch more about centaurs, among a whole lot of other stuff.