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The Wonderlust series

Wonderlust Book2: A Hookah-Smoking Caterpillar

Wonderlust Book2: A Hookah-Smoking Caterpillar: The adult Alice monster taboo erotic creature fantasy continues

Alyson’s erotic adventures in Wonderlust continue

When Alyson followed the mysterious white rabbit into the woods, she entered an magical, entrancing world. A world of enchanted forests and strange, lustful creatures.

But Wonderlust is also a world where dark forces are stirring. Alyson’s first inhuman lover, the Lapinearle, has vanished – and Alyson herself will soon come face to face with the monstrous beings lurking in the shadows of the mysterious forest.

But she will also find unexpected allies, and experience amorous encounters with inhuman lovers – including a strange man, who looks like some kind of behemoth blue and gold caterpillar, but who yet offers to teach Alyson how to fully appreciate the sensual pleasures of Wonderlust.

More than just the Alice legend, with an erotic twist: Wonderlust encompasses not only the fantasy world of Alice, but also elements of many other classics of 19th century (and earlier) fantastic literature, and literary figures, all given a dark and adult twist.

“Love is the law that gives joy to the sensual world, Alyson. We sad creatures must strive to remember what the beasts of Wonderlust instinctively know: that the joys of the sensual world are the work of nature’s god.”

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Wonderlust Book1: A Game of Cat and Rabbit

Wonderlust Book1: A Game of Cat and Rabbit: An adult Alice monster taboo erotic creature fantasy

Welcome to Wonderlust

For Alyson, the prospects her society offers her as a young woman hold little appeal: join her family in the colonies, with the inevitability of marriage; or remain in England, a resented guest of her older male guardian. Small wonder that she retreats into a world of books and fantasy.

Then a picnic outing and the pursuit of a white rabbit lead her into a bizarre, new world, at once beguiling and frightening. Peopled by strange, inhuman creatures such as Alyson had never imagined – lustful beings who have no hesitation in acting on their most carnal desires.

From the moment she enters Wonderlust, Alyson finds, not just her innocence, but her imagination challenged. She experiences pleasure and pleasurable pain such as she had never imagined.

Alyson will be changed forever – but if she makes it out of this bizarre world of inhuman lust, she just might have found the strength to change her own world.

“This is Wonderlust, Alyson” grinned the Cheshire Cat. “We’re all monsters here.”

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The Book of Ecstasies series

Daemon Lover Book 2: Familiar

Familiar: More tales from the Book of the Ecstasies: An adult paranormal series (Daemon Lover 2)

Natalia Whateley is drawn deeper into the strange spell of the Book of the Ecstasies. Now the mistress of her own mansion, she is free to pursues her own pleasures, however she wants. Buts she soon begins to wonder if the spell she is caught in is a dream come true – or a curse. Slowly, more of the strange forces that surround her begin to reveal themselves.

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Daemon Lover Book 1: The Book of Ecstasies

The Book of Ecstasies: A Demonic dark romance pact (Daemon Lover 1)

When Natalia Whateley is given an old book of magic spells, it seems harmless enough fun. Little does she know that she is being drawn into an ancient pact of depravity with a lustful demonic spirit.

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Other Stories

Under His Spell: Mesmerized milf in a group show

Under His Spell: Mesmerized milf in a group show

After Amber’s son has left for college, she agrees to help out his nerdy best friend with his magic act – and gets far more than she ever expected. Amber uses her marketing skills to transform nerdy Alex into mesmerising Alexei, and in turn, Alexei uses his powers to turn Amber into a panting cougar in heat, ready to take his private audience of friends every way they can think of!

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