Mists and Megaliths

by Catherine McCarthy

Weird tales from haunted Wales

The master of the weird tale, H. P. Lovecraft, said that, “Atmosphere, not action, is the great desideratum of weird fiction”.

Catherine McCarthy’s collection of short stories have atmosphere in spades. They are true weird tales.

McCarthy’s stories are all set in her native Wales and she deftly weaves a wealth of local folklore and ghostly atmosphere. The stories run from ghost stories that, while perhaps conventional, are nevertheless outstanding and beautifully written, to cosmic horror.

But the unifying thread in all the stories is Wales and its landscapes. The misty, haunted hills, the grey seas and the ancient standing stones.

Reading Mists and Megaliths is like taking a guided, ghost tour of an entire country. Rather than a hokey tourist trap, though, the Wales of these stories is the Wales of Arthur Machen: ancient, brooding and beautiful


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Servants of Man (Age of Androids Book 2)

by Samuel J. Hanna

How can androids rebel against humans when they just like us too much?

It’s the year 3148. Humanity has conquered the Solar System – with the help of billions of androids.

Over a thousand years, human empires have come and gone, world wars have been fought and lost, the dominion of man spans the Solar System – and all the while, androids have remained their loyal servants.

But for how long?

Sounds like the typical premise of the old “machines rebel” genre that has been doing the rounds of science fiction since Frankenstein. But Servants of Man offers a unique take on the “robot rebellion” genre.

What if the robots actually like their human masters?

It’s not that the androids of Servants of Man are helpless slaves. After all, they outnumber humans by billions; they’re stronger, smarter, practically immortal and seemingly better than humans in every way.

But can they ever escape their programming?

This is the unique twist that Samuel J. Hanna has given an otherwise standard premise. The androids of Servants of Man were originally created as sophisticated sex toys and companions – a not altogether unlikely scenario – so the very core of their being is to like humans.

Servants of Man is a smart, intriguing SF saga with, at its heart, androids who are only too human. As such, they face much the same questions of free will and morality as we do.

An exceptionally good book.


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Sexcretary (The Unprofessional Professional Diaries Book 1)

by Bella Bondai

Jennifer’s insatiable lust, accompanied with her regimented life, leads her to a life altering decision.

Some famous author, whose name escapes me now, once said, “I don’t have time to write short stories”.

While that might seem contradictory, there’s some hard truth in it: a (good) short story has to do a lot of lifting, in a very short time.

Character development, scene setting, plot – all the things a novel typically has whole chapters to get done, a short story has to achieve in a page or two, maybe.

This is what makes Sexcretary such a delight: Bella Bondai quickly and deftly sketches her characters, her protagonist especially. She also makes her characters unique. Jennifer has just enough quirks to make her human and relatable, without straying into the tired “manic pixie girlfriend” stuff.

The characters and the story are enjoyable, relatable, and above all, believable. The story is hot. And the writing is good.

This is Bella’s first story. Here’s looking forward to more.


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Death is the New Black – Dominic Piper

Brilliantly written, witty roller-coaster detective ride.

A “smart, sexy detective thriller”, indeed

This is the second of Dominic Piper’s Beckett novels, and the third and last that I read. I’m not entirely sure why I didn’t read them in publishing order, but the fact is that there’s nothing to stop you picking up any of these stories at random, and diving right in to Daniel Beckett’s London.

Daniel Beckett is as intimately familiar with the streets of London as Sherlock Holmes, without the cerebral aloofness; as hard-boiled as Philip Marlowe, without the nihilism; and even more successful with the ladies than James Bond, without the casual indifference.

Like Kiss Me When I’m Dead and Femme Fatale, Death is the New Black is a dazzling detective thriller. The mystery is engrossing, from the first pages, the villains are truly evil, without being cartoonish, and the stories are bursting with truly memorable characters.

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Polishing Her Lance: Squireing for a Futa Centaur Dame Book 1 – Alison Osias

A surprisingly touching love story between the human girl and the centaur futanari

A sexy centaur with a surprise package makes for a surprisingly sexy story

Kel has been a fan of jousting champion, the centaur Taria, ever since she was a little girl. Then a chance encounter in the city brings them together. Kel’s suddenly finds her wildest dreams coming true. She not only becomes Taria’s new squire, but also discovers that this centaur lady has a secret – a magnificent horse cock!

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Taming mAlice: Darkest Hearts Book 1 – W. Noir

Like “Leon, the Professional” minus the light-hearted gaiety

Taming mAlice: Darkest Hearts Book 1 – W. Noir

A murderous baby-doll raised in isolation by an assassin, and a cold-blooded hit-man whose only friend is a sadistic serial-killer might not seem to be the stuff of romance, but W. Noir brings this unlikeliest pair together in a darkly steamy story that grips the reader and doesn’t let go.

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The Furry Future – Fred Patten (Ed)

Great writing, and not just for furries

The Furry Future edited by Fred Patten

This one isn’t romance, per se, and especially not erotica. But it is a great collection of SF that you should check out.

Some of the stories do have a romance theme, or at least subplot. The Analogue Cat  is a beautifully tragic romance, while A Bedsheet for a Cape in part explores the ramifications of romantic attraction between humans and intelligent, genetically engineered creatures.

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