Futa Centaur 2

Just to let you all know that, yes, I’m working on a sequel to Saved by the Futa Centaur. Work is progressing steadily, but slowly. First draft is about two-thirds finished – although the story may end up being quite a bit longer than I’d anticipated.

Read a small sample below…

Sharronne climbed carefully into the tub. Soon she was standing in water above her hocks. Then she carefully lowered herself into the steaming water, groaning. Water surged over the rim of the bath, splashing over Gennara’s toes. She giggled, watching as Sharronne lay back, moaning with pleasure as the suds rose over her breasts.

“Ohhh, gods,” she groaned. “I’d forgotten how damned good a hot bath actually feels.”

Gennara slipped nimbly in after her, carefully feeling with her feet, so as not to step on her lover’s legs or tail. She dropped into the water, shivering with delight. Then she ducked under. She came up blowing, with suds dripping from her spiky, wet hair.

Sharronne grinned. “Ah, gods, it feels so good to get really clean again, at last.” Gennara scooted over to her, throwing her arms around the centaur woman’s neck and kissing her. Sharronne responded, sighing with passion. But then she pushed the girl away.

“Later, my love. Let me wash properly first. I feel like I’ve years of road dust caked in my hide.”

“Let me!” said Gennara. Spying soap on a wooden rack above them, she reached over Sharronne’s head. As she picked it up, her breasts brushed against Sharronne’s face. The centaur woman took the opportunity to flick her tongue over a pointed pink nipple. Gennara squealed.

“I thought you said later?”

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