Another Wonderlust 3 sneak preview

Wonderlust 3: A girl for tea is nearing completion. Enjoy another excerpt…


Even as the fairy-lights faded, light grew in the dell: all silvery-gold. Faint at first, but growing steadily stronger. It was the moon, Alyson realized: a glorious, yellow, full summer moon. Then, silhouetted against its light, she finally saw the approaching figure. At first she thought it was a man, but then he stepped out from the trees and into the full blaze of moonlight.

He had the shape of a man, tall and thin, but his head was crowned with two long ears. Then, as he turned to look down at the slumbering figure of the fairy queen, Alyson saw the long, furry nose and large, gentle eyes of a donkey.

The donkey-man knelt beside the fairy queen (he also had long donkey’s tail, too, Alyson saw) and gently touched her shoulder. She stirred and opened her eyes. Seeing her lover kneeling over her, she held out her arms with a glad smile. He took her in his arms and lifted her up.

Their lips met. Titania passionately kissed his long, furry face, and stroked his soft ass’s ears. Bodan touched her hair, and ran his hand down her slender neck, brushing Titania’s filmy gown from her shoulders. Instantly, gossamer wings sprang free, unfurling, shimmering in the moonlight.

Bodan pulled the gown down further, baring the fairy queen’s chest. Her eyes closed as he kissed Titania’s small, firm breasts, and nuzzled at her pointed nipples with his thick lips.

Then, she slipped free of his embrace, and knelt in front of him. Reaching up, she unbuttoned his shirt. While she kissed the hard muscles of his stomach, she fumbled with the laces of his trousers. They fell about his ankles.

Alyson stifled a gasp.

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