Against all odds, I’m ok

It feels like I say this every year, but, in case you seen anything on the news about the bushfires here in Tasmania, I’m OK. I also failed in my attempt to chop off some extra body parts.

The nearest fires are about an hour and a half from us. We’ve been blanketed with smoke a few times, but that’s the worst we’ve had. Other people aren’t so lucky: we’ve had some evacuees being put up in our area.

Miraculously, as well, I still have all my digits. We’ve been doing some renovations, and I had a bit of a run-in with a buzzsaw. I got nasty gash across my thumb, but luckily there wasn’t any tendon or nerve damage. But because it was such a wide cut, the doctors weren’t able to suture it. So I’ve just got to have it dressed every few days for the next few weeks until it closes itself.

Luckily, as I realised, I don’t use that thumb for writing: only a few keyboard shortcuts. So, it’s awkward and gets sore after a while, but at least I can still work.

So, I’m chugging away at my usual work, and slowly but surely working through the first draft of the next Futa Centaur story. I’ll post an excerpt soon.

Meanwhile, to all my American friends: stay warm!

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