Wonderlust 3 excerpt

I really, really want to write some more adventures for Gennara and Sharronne, the futa centaur, and I have some ideas I’ve been scribbling down. But, before I embark on any new projects, I absolutely must finish the ones currently running.

I’m currently working on the third installment of “Wonderlust”, titled “A girl for tea”. Naturally, it has the famous Mad Tea Party – only, with my special, Wonderlust twist. There is much else, besides, of course, but in the meantime, enjoy a little excerpt from the tea party.

A long table was set out in a clearing by the banks of the river, under the spreading branches of a great oak. It was piled high with all kinds of tea things: plates and cups and saucers. Tea trays and cake trays were balanced haphazardly with teapots and milk jugs. Cakes and biscuits were piled next to cucumber and cress sandwiches.

In the middle of all this delicious-looking jumble were seated three people. One was a hare: a tall, stately, slightly plump, lady hare with long silky ears and velvety silver fur. A white blaze ran down her large breasts to her belly.

Next to her was a little creature leaning across the table, apparently fast asleep. From its round ears and pointy face, Alyson saw that it was a dormouse, with gleaming golden fur.

On the other side of the dormouse was a young woman. Like the hare, she was very tall, but unlike the hare, she was thin: very thin. Her face was beautiful but almost gaunt. Her eyes were large and dark. Set in her thin, pale face, they looked startlingly huge. She was wearing a deep purple bustier, very low-cut. So low, in fact, that it almost completely exposed the tops of her breasts. A little purple top hat was set jauntily atop her long, blond hair. Alyson supposed she must be Milliner.

The hare and Milliner were leaning towards each other, over the slumbering dormouse, chattering very brightly and feeding each other little iced cakes. As Alyson stood at the edge of the clearing, suddenly feeling very awkward, they both suddenly noticed her at the same time.

At once, their chatter ceased, and Milliner leaped to her feet, throwing her arms wide, and shouting happily, “It’s not you! Go away!”

Alyson suddenly felt even more awkward than she already had been. She blushed bright red, looking at her feet. But it was not Milliner’s peculiar greeting that had discombobulated Alyson so.

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