The Furry Future – Fred Patten (Ed)

Great writing, and not just for furries

The Furry Future edited by Fred Patten

This one isn’t romance, per se, and especially not erotica. But it is a great collection of SF that you should check out.

Some of the stories do have a romance theme, or at least subplot. The Analogue Cat  is a beautifully tragic romance, while A Bedsheet for a Cape in part explores the ramifications of romantic attraction between humans and intelligent, genetically engineered creatures.

While, as with any anthology, the story quality varies, the stories in this collection are never less than good; but at their best, they’re absolutely excellent. The Analogue Cat by Alice Dryden, for instance, is not just excellent furry fiction, I would class it easily among the best contemporary literary science fiction I have read, on a par with William Gibson or China Melville.


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