She Never Dies – Erik Handy

Solid ghost story with a great punch at the end

She Never Dies by Erik Handy

The “Interstate Four ghost” is the typical stuff of urban legend: a half-remembered ancient crime, sightings of a ghostly woman on the side of the highway. What else is a bunch of college kids to do, but check it out? Mayhem and chills naturally ensue.

While She Never Dies nods to modern Japanese ghost stories, like The Ring and The Grudge, to me the book was most reminiscent – in style and content – of early Dean Koontz horror-thrillers. Which is no mean complement, as the row of Koontz’s books on my shelves attests.

As an Australian, I also picked up on the homage to obscure Oz schlocky-horror, Patrick.

My major criticism of this story is that early character development is a little thin: for the first few chapters, many of the characters were just names who struggled to stand apart from one another. Once the plot settles down to its core characters, though, and the action ramps up, the story chugs along at a ripping pace.

The ending is a good, unexpected shocker.


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