Taming mAlice: Darkest Hearts Book 1 – W. Noir

Like “Leon, the Professional” minus the light-hearted gaiety

Taming mAlice: Darkest Hearts Book 1 – W. Noir

A murderous baby-doll raised in isolation by an assassin, and a cold-blooded hit-man whose only friend is a sadistic serial-killer might not seem to be the stuff of romance, but W. Noir brings this unlikeliest pair together in a darkly steamy story that grips the reader and doesn’t let go.

Alice has been cut off from the “nice” world for most of her life, raised as the protege of the hit-man who murdered her parents. Mason is a black-hearted Artful Dodger: raised by a vicious Mafia Fagin for no other purpose than killing. When circumstances throw the pair together, unsurprisingly, a violent chain-reaction begins. What is not expected is romance and steamy sex.

The scenario might seem the stuff of agonisingly cool, but ultimately empty, Hollywood productions like Natural Born Killers, or Quentin Tarantino, but W. Noir eschews violent hipster posturing. Instead, Taming mAlice is both a gritty crime thriller and a twisted romance that can’t be put down.


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