Charming: A Cinderella Billionaire Story – Sophie Brooks

A fantastic debut novel that goes above and beyond its genre

This debut novel from Sophie Brooks had me hooked from the first few paragraphs, and its charm (no pun intended), clever story and thoroughly engaging characters kept me turning pages as few other books have done in a very long time. This is not just one of the best romance stories I have ever read, it is an excellent book that exceeds its genre to be Just A Good Book, period.

Its twist on the Cinderella myth is clever and inventive, and while all the familiar elements are there, they’re reinvented in ways that constantly surprise and delight the reader. While as a story-teller, Sophie Brooks hits the mark again and again, without missing a beat, the writing is never formulaic: I was caught wonderfully off guard many times by the twists and turns of the plot.

The characters are a delight. Complex, multi-dimensional, and immensely likable. The prince, true to the form of the billionaire genre, is handsome and dominating, without being arrogant. Indeed, he is, genuinely, charming. The “Ella”, likewise, is no blushing princess, but an independent, determined woman. The chemistry between the two protagonists builds wonderfully through the book, and carries the reader up and down the roller-coaster of their relationship. Even the minor characters are deftly drawn – the sister, the “coachman”.

I cannot recommend this book enough.


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