“Wonderlust 4” is live

The fourth and final installment of the Wonderlust series, The Red Queen’s Gambit, is live! Finally, Alyson’s erotic adventures in the forest of Wonderlust come to their conclusion.

“Wonderlust 4: The Red Queen’s Gambit” is available now.

Alyson is a prisoner in the Queen’s black, forbidding castle, locked in a dungeon and guarded night and day by goblins…and subjected to the Queen’s humiliating – but strangely arousing – punishments. All seems helpless.

But it turns out that she has friends and allies where they are least expected.

Alyson shrieked as a stinging slap landed on her ass. Then another, and another.

“Silence!” demanded the Queen, slapping her harder than ever. Alyson knotted her fingers in the soft coverlet and buried her face in the bed, trying to stifle her sobs as she was spanked again and again. Her backside felt as if it must be glowing.

Then the blows stopped. Alyson could hear the Queen’s harsh breathing.

“Cat!” she ordered.


“We think this slut needs a harsher lesson. Fetch us the rod.”

There was a moment’s silence, then Cheshire murmured in acquiescence. Alyson heard the faint sound of a drawer opening. Her insides clenched with fear. Terrified, she risked a glance over her shoulder.

Cheshire was standing at an armoire in the corner of the room, taking something from an open drawer. She turned, and Alyson saw what it was: a long, thin birch rod.

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