What’s goin’ on…

Wonderlust will conclude soon.

Well, Romanced by the Futa Centaur is out and going very well – thank you to all who’ve been reading it, and especially to its first five-star reviewer on Amazon.

Right now, I’m chugging along on the fourth and final installment of Wonderlust, The Red Queen’s Gambit. I’m about half-way through the first draft. This one’s going considerably darker than the others.

Once that’s done, I’ll get straight onto the third instalment of The Futa Centaur Adventures. I kind of feel bad for ending Romanced… on a cliffhanger. I’ll try to work as quick as I can – without compromising quality.

To be honest, I never intended Futa Centaur to be a series, but it has proved to be my most popular story, and I got enough requests for a sequel that I felt obliged to!

Luckily, I’d already done a fair bit of world-building on even the first story. It might seem silly to waste time world-building for a short novella, but I’ve always admired the way George Miller, creator of Mad Max creates entire worlds and complete backstories for all his characters. Even though they’re never mentioned in the actual movies, there is a sense of depth and completeness that carries across the stories.

I’ve already got the rough plan for Futa Centaur 3 in mind. I promise that this one won’t end on a cliffhanger, but the story will continue and conclude in a fourth.

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