“Romanced by the Futa Centaur” is live

Credit to the artist.

I’m exceedingly pleased to announce that “Romanced by the Futa Centaur” is finally available.

In the sequel to “Saved by the Futa Centaur”, Gennara and Sharronne are dragged from their romantic idyll by a chance discovery. They set out on a quest that takes them back to Gennara’s home city – A city under occupation from a war that drove her from her home when she was just a child.

What they find there will set both of them on a collision course with their pasts.

They sat in silence for a long while, each lost in thought as they stared at the dancing flames. Finally, Sharronne stirred. She sat up and leaned over to check the contents of the pot. Apparently satisfied, she picked up a bowl and filled it, passing it to Gennara. As she filled one for herself, Gennara spoke.

“So what did you do in the city?” The firelight gleamed in her eyes.
Sharronne paused before answering. “I survived. Made some gold where I could.”

She sat with her bowl.

“Now, eat. We’ve got another day’s walk, tomorrow. And then more after that.”

Gennara opened her mouth, hesitated, then closed it again. Ignoring her, Sharronne began to eat. After a moment, Gennara began to eat, too.

“Romanced by the Futa Centaur” is available now.

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