Futa Centaur 2: Progress Report

Artist: Pupuliini

Just a short note to let you all know that Futa Centaur 2 (I have no idea what the title will be) is nearly complete. Here’s another little sample:

Gennara sloshed through the water and stood in front of her, hands on hips.

“We need to talk.”

Sharronne’s face was a stony mask. “About what?”

“You left me.”

“I’m right here.”

“You know what I mean!” Gennara’s voice suddenly shook with fury. “At the camp. I didn’t want to go. And you left me!”

Sharronne crossed her arms. “I knew you’d follow.”

Gennara screamed in frustration. With explosive suddenness, she swung wide, her open palm catching Sharronne off guard before she could dodge aside. The centaur woman was too tall for the girl to aim properly, so the blow only connected on Sharronne’s upper arm. The sharp crack of the slap startled the gelding, still drinking nearby. He shied away, his ears back.

Gennara tried to swing again, but suddenly her arms were pinned. She struggled for a moment, then burst into tears.

Sharronne stared down at her, eyes wide with shock.

“Why did you do that?”

“What-? Why-?” Gennara was astonished. “Are you serious?”

“Yes!” snapped Sharronne. “Why in all the hells did you hit me?”

“Because you’re an ass!” Gennara shouted, trying to pull free of the centaur woman’s iron grip. There was a tense silence, broken only by Gennara’s harsh breathing.

“You know, I find that remark rather offensive,” Sharronne said at last.

Gennara stopped struggling and stared at her in disbelief.

“You… offensive?” She burst out laughing.

Bewildered, Sharronne relaxed her grip on the girl’s wrists. Immediately, Gennara threw her arms around the centaur’s waist. She began to sniffle, then sob. Awkwardly, Sharronne reached down and put her arms around her shoulders, patting them vaguely.

“You’re so infuriating,” Gennara said, her voice muffled against Sharronne’s belly.

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