“Saved by Futa Centaur” is out!

The futa centaur story is finally done and live on Amazon!

Check it out here.


“Alright, lad. You’re safe to get up, now.” The voice was a woman’s, deep and musical. A strong hand took hers and pulled her to her feet. Gennara could just make out the horse and rider as they towered over her.

“Ah. Lass, I see. Sorry,” the woman said. Gennara rubbed at the dirt and tears clogging her eyes, trying to see clearly. “Figured you for a boy.”

Then Gennara saw her clearly for the first time. She gaped.

“Y-you’re a centaur.”

A lonely orphaned farm girl is rescued from the clutches of bandits by a mysterious centaur woman with no name and a big secret. A fantasy romance with a futa twist.

Gennara is the only survivor of the raid which destroyed her uncle’s farm. She is rescued in the nick of time by a beautiful, taciturn centaur woman. When Gennara tags along with her reluctant savior, a bond slowly grows between them.

But the cryptic centaur woman has a secret.

She crept quietly between the swaying, trailing willow branches. Leaves swayed gently in the warm air or fluttered gently to the ground. The sunlight turned into dappled green shadows, concealing her approach. The dense carpet of leaves masked her footfalls. The sound of splashing and singing was very close. Inching carefully up to a sprawling willow, Gennara carefully peeked around its worn, fissured trunk.

For a moment, she was almost blinded by the glitter of noonday sun on the water. She blinked, adjusting her eyes. Then, she could see clearly.

The centaur woman was standing knee-deep in the river, bending forward to scoop up a handful of water and pour it over her head. She hummed and sang. Her dripping black hair shone like silk. She had stripped of her armor and shirt. Water trickled and beaded on her bare breasts. Her nipples were large and dark, and erect with cold.

She had taken off the skirt-like covering on her hindquarters, too, Gennara saw. Her shaggy hide now gleamed like velvet. Her tail drifted in the water.

Then Gennara’s eyes went wide with shock.

Available for Kindle on Amazon.

2 thoughts on ““Saved by Futa Centaur” is out!

    1. Hi! Thanks so much for the comment. I’m glad you liked the story. Yes, I do have plans to continue this story, but I really must commit to finishing my other ongoing series first. But I had too much fun writing this one to let it stop at just one!


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