Another excerpt

Well, not a lot has been happening, this past week. I haven’t been able to put as much time as I would like into my fiction, so the centaur futa story has only crawled forward, but at least I’m on the final chapter.

So, here’s another preview, just to keep you all posted.


Untitled Centaur Futa story

Lying in the dust, Gennara sobbed and wailed. Grief, shock and confusion overwhelmed her. As the giddy unreality of her rescue faded, cold, hard grief twisted her guts. Everyone she knew, who had ever cared for her even a little, was dead. Her home was destroyed. She was utterly alone in the world. She had no idea what to do.

So, she cried.

Suddenly she became aware of noises nearby. She sat bolt upright, terrified that more bandits had come.

Instead, she saw that the centaur woman had returned. She was kneeling again by the pile of belongings she had looted from the dead bandits. She was stuffing them into a pair of leather bags she had strapped across her withers like panniers. She was also wearing a heavy canvas pack on her back.

She completely ignored Gennara.

Gennara sniffed, wiping her hand across her face. “What are you doing?’

The centaur woman looked up, then went back to her packing. “Getting my stuff,” she answered absently.

Gennara stared. “That’s it?” she said in a strangled voice.

The centaur woman shrugged. “Looks like.”

“But-” Gennara’s disbelief turned to anger. “You can’t!”

The centaur woman stopped. “Why not?”

“Because! You just… can’t!” Gennara’s choked with outrage.

“I killed them. It’s mine.” The centaur said with finality. “You got your share.”

“You saved me!” Gennara stamped her foot. “You can’t just leave me here!”

“Why not?”

“Because! Just… because! What -” Gennara’s voice cracked. “What am I going to do?” She burst into helpless tears again.

The centaur woman sighed. “Look. You’ve got the money I gave you. Get to that town. You can sell this land, or hire a crew to fix it up and work it for you. Either way, you’ll be fine. And I-” she lumbered to her feet, shouldering her pack. “Will be on my way.”

“Take me with you,” said Gennara suddenly.

“What?” she stared.

“I said, take me with you. There’s nothing left for me here.” Gennara gestured helplessly. “And I hate farming. I’ve always wanted to leave.”

“Then leave,” the centaur woman started to walk. “Just not with me.”

The centaur woman’s only answer was to break into a trot. Gennara stared after her, clenching her fists. The centaur was already more than a hundred yards away, disappearing into the cloud of her own dust and the gathering twilight.

Gennara let out a wordless scream of frustration. Then she began to run after the distant centaur.

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