Daemon Lover 3 is out

Well, I promised last week that I would post about my new story, but a bit of housekeeping first.

I’m still getting used to the fact that this is what I do for a living now: finding my feet, getting organised, blah blah. Part of that will be establishing a routine for managing the several projects I’m running all at once. I’ve decided (today) that Wednesdays will be Weekly Update Day for this blog. I’ll even hold myself to that.

Now, new release:


Sartraeus took his fingers out of her and stuck them back in her mouth. Natalia sucked on them, tasting the mingling of her pussy juices and his cum. She closed her eyes blissfully.

“Has this been a good lesson, slut?” he asked softly. Natalia nodded obediently. She wasn’t entirely sure that she wasn’t sincere.

“Has our slut learned her lesson?”

Natalia nodded again. “Yes,” she whispered in a small voice.

Sartraeus raised an eyebrow. “Indeed?” He considered, trailing his fingers around her lips. Then:

“I think not,” he said abruptly. He vanished.

When Natalia Whateley was given a mysterious book of erotic magic, it seemed like a fantasy come true: a magnificent mansion, riches, and not one, but two demonic lovers ready to satisfy her every lustful desire.

But the fantasy quickly began to seem more like a nightmare.

Natalia has found herself ensnared in a web of ancient magic. Her demon lovers seem more determined to dominate her than be her obedient servants.

Her only way out is to master the mysteries of the Book of Ecstasies and reassert her dominance as mistress of her depraved spirit servants. But, can she find the strength, when her lustful demon companions are bent on inflicting pain, humiliation and degradation on her, every step of the way?

Available for Kindle on:

Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon Australia


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