New story out!

Well, the standalone story I mentioned is now done and dusted, formatted, designed and published!

“Only once have I entered the palace by night. I would not do so again for all the legendary wealth of Croesus. But still I feel it. I feel the spell. Something waits there. Something dark, something primeval.” He took Ari’s hand in his own, as a shiver ran through her. His voice dropped to a whisper. “I know you feel it, too.” Ari blushed and dropped her gaze. “Then heed my words, Lady Arianna: do not go there . Go home to England. Be the Lady Duntoran. Do not heed the call of that which lurks in the shadows and dust.”

Lady Arianna Alger, the spoiled young daughter of the Earl of Duntoran, does not share her father’s enthusiasm for archaeology. The prospect of missing the London season while her father fossicks in the dirt amongst a pile of old, half-buried ruins is little to her liking. But from the moment she sets eye on them, something about the deserted ruins of Knossos seems to call to her. The whispered legends of the local people only inflame her curiosity further.

Inevitably, Ari is drawn to explore the ancient, ruined palace: home of the legendary minotaur.

Available for Kindle on Amazon.

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