A Date With A Sadist – Elena Davinski

 A Super-Steamy Young Adult Dark Romance.

A Date With A Sadist – Elena Davinski

I’ve won the chance to date Murto Fidditch for one evening.

What I didn’t know is that he’s currently researching a new role he’s been given to play.

Research that involves me helping …


Katie Hill is a shy college student with a crush on up-and-coming actor Murtugh Fiddich. Then she wins a competition to go on a date with her idol. Who reveals that he is currently preparing for a new role, as the sadistic antihero of a big-budget tv fantasy series. And he needs someone to help him … research.

The novella A Date with a Sadist is the title story of this collection of darkly erotic stories. It’s an enjoyably steamy, well-written tale of a shy virgin, and a handsome, dominant hero, who engages with her in a (consensual) dominant-submissive relationship.

Even better, the extra stories aren’t mere filler. Each is a complete story, and at least one, Don’t Hurt Me, would be my pick, even above the title story.

Don’t Hurt Me is a fun, clever story of a playboy actor, who’s a dog in more ways than one, and a match-making witch who inadvertently cursed herself as a child. “Bad Luck Penny” can only ever marry her one, true love: every other guy she dates ends up getting hurt – in the worst kind of way.

Will actor Davey Allred be struck down by Penny’s curse, in his turn – or will he, finally, be her one, true love?

This is a great collection, spanning paranormal, arranged marriages, and Mafia/bad boy stories.


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