New Story Out Now: Wonderlust Pt 1

I’m pleased to announce that the long publishing drought of the past year is at last over, and the first of four installments of my new book, Wonderlust, A Game of Cat and Rabbit, is available on Amazon now. The second part, A Hookah-Smoking Caterpillar, will follow soon. I’ll post a schedule of my anticipated releases in the next blog post.

Wonderlust is an erotic twist on the Alice in Wonderland legend, and more, encompassing not only the fantasy world of Alice, but also elements of many other classics of 19th century (and earlier) fantastic literature, and literary figures, all given a dark and adult twist.

Here’s a short excerpt from A Game of Cat and Rabbit:

“Alyson,” said the Lapinearle sternly, putting his glass down on a little table by the armchair.

“Yes, s-Master?” she said, in a little voice.

“Alyson – take off your clothes.”

“My clothes, Master?” Alyson squeaked. Her heart fluttered in her chest, like a bird trying to escape a cage. She had never taken her clothes off in front of a man before. She had hardly ever taken off her clothes in front of anyone, not even to bathe in front of Portia any more, ever since she was quite a little girl.

“You heard me, Alyson.” The tone of the Lapinearle’s voice, the heat of his stare, somehow seemed to reach deep into Alyson’s being. She suddenly realized that, almost without thinking, her hand had crept to the bodice of her dress, and she had begun undoing more buttons.

“Good girl,” the Lapinearle smiled.

With trembling fingers, Alyson undid the rest of her buttons. She pulled the dress down, and let it fall to the floor. She stood before the Lapinearle in her petticoat.

“Keep going,” he said.

She unhooked the front of her petticoat, and that slipped off, too. Now she was wearing only her chemise and drawers. She shivered as she reached for the lace ties at its front. It seemed as if the entire world was contracted to just the Lapinearle’s dark, burning eyes and deep, commanding voice. Biting her lip, she tugged at the ties, and her chemise fell open. She slipped it off her shoulders, and let it, too, slither to the floor.

Despite the warmth of the day, and the closeness of the fire in the room, the air felt suddenly chill on her bare breasts as she stood exposed to the Lapinearle’s devouring gaze. To her intense embarrassment, she felt her nipples grow hard in the open air. She desperately wanted to cover her chest with her arms, but she was cowed by the Lapinearle’s forbidding scrutiny.

“Your drawers,” he reminded her.

With a final, almost defiant movement, Alyson pushed down her drawers, and then kicked them aside with one foot. Taking a deep, shuddering breath, she drew herself up again, and there she stood, utterly naked, exposed to the devouring gaze of the tall, terrible figure of the master of Wonderlust.

“Slender figure,” mused the Lapinearle softly. “Still quite coltish. Breasts firm and well-developed, but not over-large. Pleasing development of downy fur about the nether regions.” He smiled his terrible smile. “You are very beautiful, Alyson.”

Part of Alyson wanted to weep, for shame and fear, but another part of her, a secret, warm part of her, wanted to flaunt herself before this monstrous lord and master. But all she could do was stand awkwardly still, with her hands crossed in front of her downy fur.

The Lapinearle slowly strode around her, examining her from every angle, as though she were goods that he was minded to buy.

“Good. Very good,” he murmured absently. Then he reached out and touched her bare bottom, almost as one might stroke a horse’s flank. Alyson jumped and trembled.

The Lapinearle hushed her gently, like a groom calming a nervous mare. “Don’t start so, my lovely Alyson,” he murmured. “I shall not hurt you.” His paw was warm, and soft. It was, after all, covered in white fur. It felt, indeed, like a soft, warm mitten.

He stroked Alyson’s bottom gently, running his hand around the curve of her buttock, up the side of her hip, and then back down her thigh. Alyson found herself trembling, less from fear than from a sudden thrill of passion that ran through her body.

“Yes,” said the Lapinearle quietly. “You like that, don’t you, Alyson?”

“Y-yes,” she whispered tremulously.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes – Master.”

Wonderlust Book 1: A Game of Cat and Rabbit is available now on Amazon.

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