Literary Punk Rock

I came of age in the Punk Explosion in the late 1970s, and played my own small part – as a freelance music journalist, public radio presenter, and ‘zine publisher – in the 1980s Indie revolution. That era has a lot of parallels with, and lot to teach the modern indie publishing scene.

The Sex Pistols: Punk was a bomb detonated under a bloated music industry.

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Here’s to 2018.

Well. 2017 ended as a bit of a roller-coaster.

The latter part of the year started well: in August, there was a five-week overseas trip. So, that was good.

But then, a week after coming back, our eldest son was in a car-crash, at his work. At first, it seemed he’d got off ok, but it soon turned out that he’d injured his leg badly. He’s only just come out of the leg brace, and was only cleared to drive again this week. He still isn’t back at work full-time, yet.

So, the end of 2017 was a bit stressful, you might say.

For all that, though, I have been writing. The second installment of Wonderlust will be published in just a few days. The third installment of The Book of Ecstasies is near completion, as is a new story, Taken in the Labyrinth, the first Gods and Monsters story.

So, kept tuned in: regular blog posting has resumed!

How has your new year shaped up, so far?